Sex Positions To Conceive A Baby

Sex Positions To Conceive A Baby

Trying to figure out, how to get intimate or have sex to conceive a baby. Don’t worry we are here to help you finding best ivf doctor in delhi or best ivf center in delhi.

The union of the cow

This is a version of doggy style and is well suited to women who have a tipped uterus. The woman is kneeling while the man kneels, penetrating from behind. Like the union of the wolf, this position allows the sperm to better access the cervix. This is a good sex position to conceive a baby but if it doesn’t work, you can try another as well.

The padlock

The woman sits on a high piece of furniture and sits on the edge and supports herself with her arms behind her. He stands in front while she wraps her legs around him. This sex position would be fun.

On your side

Having sex on your side allows for the man to penetrate further, allowing the semen to reach closer to the uterus and help you in conceiving.
This sex position to help you get pregnant work well for women who are finding it difficult to conceive.

The suspended scissors

This sex position is for the more energetic and the woman will definitely need to possess some upper arm strength. She lies off the edge of the bed on her side, just with her calves, ankles and feet still on the mattress. She supports herself with her left arm and he holds her up from her waist. He steps over her left leg and holding her other leg up enters her while she dangles precariously off the bed. It’s generally thought that positions where the man is standing up helps to conceive a boy!

Doggy style

For deeper penetration, try doggy style. Always stay horizontal for 15 minutes after to help the sperm travel to its destination.
This sex position will help you get pregnant especially for women who are finding it difficult to conceive.


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